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Business Owners should Build Mobile Apps?

Ashish Jain

Ashish Jain


Are you confused about building a mobile application for your eCommerce store? eCommerce brands that build mobile apps enjoy higher sales than the ones that rely on websites. According to Statista, mobile eCommerce is expected to reach upto $3.5 trillion. As consumers spend more than 85% of their time on their mobile devices browsing different apps, eCommerce business owners can expect higher conversion rates with mobile apps.


Top 5 Reasons to develop a mobile app for your eCommerce store

With the growing competition in the eCommerce industry, business owners look for innovative methods to expand their business. Mobile eCommerce apps offer a chance to run your business in a convenient way.

1. Users prefer mobile apps

Look at your own habits. What do you do when you need to buy something online? Do you go to a browser and type the URL of an eCommerce website or do you go to the app directly and make a purchase? No matter how engaging the website may be, users prefer to shop from mobile apps instead of websites as they offer a more optimized user experience.


2. Better user experience

Even if you have a responsive website, the users have to sign in to make a purchase online. If you build a mobile app, users need to sign in just once when they download the app. As the users don’t need to sign in every time they want to make a purchase, mobile apps result in higher customer satisfaction. Since shoppers don’t have to switch between different tabs when using mobile applications, it enhances the shopping experience.


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3. Seamless checkout with multiple payment options

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the major issues faced by retail business owners. If the customers find the checkout process to be cumbersome, they are likely to leave your site without completing their shopping. As mobile apps reduce the friction from the checkout process by making it interactive, eCommerce mobile app owners can expect a higher conversion rate. Using features such as fingerprint scanning, mobile wallets, and facial recognition can help you increase your sales online.


4. Improved engagement

Mobile apps offer a highly personalized shopping experience to the customers. Brands can engage their users, and provide a personalized experience to customers based on their browser history, purchase history or shopping trends. Apps provide a better navigation experience to the users and also store transaction history, shipping address, and card details, it becomes easier for the customers to buy products from mobile apps.


5. Higher conversion rates

Let’s talk about the numbers. Having an eCommerce mobile app boosts your conversion rates as they translate to better brand exposure. Mobile applications drive higher conversion rates as they provide a stronger connection between users and brands. Being more flexible than websites, eCommerce mobile applications help business owners get more sales and higher profits. Using push notifications via mobile apps can help to increase sales and revenues. Sending push notifications can help brands deliver essential information to the customers, and prompt them to take actions.

How to build an eCommerce Mobile App?

Now that you’re aware of the benefits of an eCommerce mobile app, you should think of the best ways to develop your app. Custom mobile app development by expert professionals can help you create the right solution to help you achieve your business goals. Here are effective steps to build an engaging eCommerce mobile app:



First of all, you need to plan a strategy for building your eCommerce mobile app. Determine your goals, target audience, and unique ideas to plan the features required in your app. Talk to a few mobile app developers and discuss your ideas to build a future-ready app.


Competitor research

You should conduct competitor research to analyze the best practices followed by your competitors. This doesn’t mean that you copy their ideas, but you can get ideas and think of unique ways to create a mobile app that delivers a positive shopping experience.


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Choose visual elements

Creating the best UI/UX design for your mobile app is important. Select the right fonts, colors, design elements, and graphics to build an app that generates profits. Your app should have an appealing layout design to ensure a positive user experience, resulting in greater customer loyalty.



It is essential to develop an app with the latest technologies. Whether you want to build a native app or a cross platform mobile application, hire the best team to help you transform your dreams into a reality. WooCommerce development can help you build iOS and Android app quickly without breaking your bank account. AddWeb Shop is a comprehensive WooCommerce React native app that helps you go to market in less than 2 weeks.



Once your app is launched, you would have to focus on marketing strategies to reach the targeted users and increase sales. It can be a good idea to use email marketing, social media marketing, paid ads, and other marketing automation tools to get more downloads of your mobile app.

To Sum Up

eCommerce mobile apps are worth investing for businesses of all the sizes. Improve your brand value and online reputation with mobile applications to trigger more sales. Mobile commerce apps are the future of online shopping and this is the right time to build an app for your business to enjoy the maximum benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should eCommerce business owners consider building a mobile app for their online store?

Building a mobile app for an eCommerce business offers numerous advantages, including improved user experience, increased customer engagement, and expanded market reach. It provides a convenient platform for customers to shop on the go.

How does a mobile app enhance the overall user experience for eCommerce customers?

Mobile apps offer a more streamlined and user-friendly interface compared to mobile browsers. They provide features like smooth navigation, personalized recommendations, and faster load times, contributing to an enhanced and enjoyable shopping experience.

Can a mobile app contribute to increased customer engagement for eCommerce businesses?

Yes, mobile apps facilitate direct communication with customers through push notifications, personalized offers, and in-app messaging. These engagement tools help businesses stay connected with their audience, leading to increased brand loyalty and repeat business.

What role does convenience play in encouraging customers to use eCommerce mobile apps?

Mobile apps offer the convenience of shopping anytime, anywhere. With features like one-click purchasing, easy navigation, and secure payment options, they simplify the buying process, making it more convenient for customers to shop on their mobile devices.

How does a mobile app contribute to brand visibility and recognition for eCommerce businesses?

Having a mobile app increases a brand's visibility, as it is prominently displayed on users' devices. App icons serve as a constant reminder of the brand, fostering recognition and encouraging users to return for future purchases.

Does having a mobile app enable eCommerce businesses to target a wider audience?

Yes, mobile apps allow businesses to reach a broader audience, including tech-savvy users who prefer mobile shopping. Additionally, app marketplaces provide exposure to potential customers who actively search for products or services within the app ecosystem.

How can eCommerce mobile apps provide a competitive advantage in the market?

Offering a mobile app sets businesses apart from competitors and demonstrates a commitment to providing a modern and convenient shopping experience. It allows businesses to stay ahead of the curve in technology adoption and meet the evolving expectations of consumers.

What measurable benefits can eCommerce business owners expect from investing in mobile apps?

Business owners can expect measurable benefits, including increased conversion rates, higher average order values, improved customer satisfaction, and enhanced brand loyalty. Mobile apps, when strategically developed and marketed, contribute to overall business growth and success in the competitive eCommerce landscape.