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Pushkar jaipur trip

During our delightfully scenic trip 2021 to Pushkar-Jaipur!

Walking through the lively streets of Pushkar is like walking through hundreds of years of history. Once you arrive in this vibrant city, nothing will keep you from immersing yourself in the city's historic ambiance. After almost two years of pandemic breakdown, this epic trip was the perfect blend of peace of mind, adventure, and bonding over chai and pakora with the awesome AddWeb family.

Work From Home

Work From Home

There's We got to know that We Can DELIVERbest in our pajamas too
Being available professional at any time and at any place is now
a key to our organization.


AWS at Ahmedabad

AddWeb Solution attended one-day event delivered by Industry and AWS Leaders. Sessions were concerned about Operational excellence, Containers on AWS, AI ML, and SAP on AWS. We enjoyed the event and get to explore a lot.

February 06th,2020

26-Jan Republic Day 2020

Republic Day at AddWeb Solution

We believe in peace and peaceful development not only for ourselves but for people all over the world. This is how our formal but informal family celebrated this Republic Day. A proud moment.

January 26th,2020

Christmas 2019

Christmas Celebration at AddWeb Solution

This is how AddWeb Solution celebrated the memorial birth of Jesus on 25th December 2019. Celebrations in the working environment could be captivating.

December 25th,2019


A Game of Secret Chit - Chat !!!

AddWebers had enjoyed the surprises and lots of secret praisings from each other. This mystery game will give us long term memories to cherish it.

December 24th,2019

WordCamp 2019

Bronze Sponsor at WordCamp, Ahmedabad 2019

Sharing the bold-bondage of some embedded 8-years with ‘WordPress’, we are proud to be the part of the WordCamp, Ahmedabad, 2019.

December 14th,2019


Diwali - The Festival Of Positivity, Lights, Happiness, And Prosperity!

How can we keep calm when it is the festival of Joy! Creating beautiful crafts from waste, decorating Diyas and filling the tiles of our office with beautiful Rangolis pretty much sums up our Diwali Celebrations!

October 25th, 2019


Navratri - Nine Big Days Of Endless Garba, Vibrant Colors And Yummy Food!

When the entire Gujarat is Dancing their nights out, we AddWebers are also playing a little 'dress-up' and turning office into a Garba ground!

October 4th, 2019


Ganesh Chaturthi - A Festival Of Positivity And Joy!

May Vighnaharta Ganesha bring joy and peace to your life and brighten your coming days with happiness!

September 2nd, 2019


Pre-Raksha Bandhan Celebrations - Stalls Of Handmade Rakhis Made By Specially Abled Children!

NAVJEEVAN CHARITABLE TRUST is a nonprofit, non-religious Non-Governmental organisation working for Specially Abled children from underprivileged backgrounds. AddWeb organised a Handmade Rakhi stall made by Them,In the hope that "A little kindness goes a long way"!

August 9th,2019


7th Foundation Day - Cheers To One More Year Of Hardwork And Success!

Well, 365 days of hard work and dedication bring us to this 7th year of AddWeb and it's success, so we are rewarding our selves with this amazing party full of performances, dance, awards, and yummy food!

July 1st,2019


Women's Day - A Day For Those Who Spend Their Entire Life Looking After Us!

Showing all the love and care for those who never fail to give us unconditional love and care without even asking. A day is not enough to say Thank you!

March 1st,2019


Employee Appreciation Day - A Little Appreciation For The People Who Do Big For US!

Appreciating the efforts put in our work and in building the culture of our company!

March 1st,2019


Republic Day - A Historical Day To Remember Our National Heros & Freedom Fighters!

Let's not ask what our country can do for us, but ask what we can do for our country!

January 26th,2019


New Year - New Beginnings

2018 has been a wonderful year so here we are celebrating all our success and hard work and welcoming 2019 with our open hearts.

December 28th,2018


Merry Christmas - Make A Wish, Santa Is Listening!

May these happy days bring to you more hot cocoa to your cold days and sparkly lights to your dark nights!

December 25th,2018


Diwali, Rangolis, Decorations & The Mandatory Diwali Office Lunch!

Our festival of lights was celebrated with the beautiful rangolis, pretty decorations and our whole office having their lunch together with awards and games!

November 5th,2018


New Beginnings With Navratri - Taking Blessings For The New Office!

'E halooo' and we AddWebers are busy playing Garba in our new 'Gaming Zone' and taking tours of the new office. May the nine days of the Navratri bring to you all the joy and happiness!

October 10th,2018


Ganesh Chaturthi- Ten Days For The Vighna Vinayaka!

May Lord Ganesha bless you and your families with the treasure of health, wealth and happiness!

September 13th,2018


Celebration of Independence Day - AddWeb Solution

Thousands laid down their lives so this country can breathe this day. Never forget their sacrifices!

August 15th,2018


6th Foundation Day - Giving Back To The Society!

We believe in 'Sharing is Caring' & 'Happiness spreads by sharing'. The smiles on these faces are the happiness of our hearts.

July 1st,2018

Office party

Office Celebrations - When March End Becomes Your Year-End!

We believe in 'work - Hard - Party - Harder'. So cheers!

March 30th,2018


Women's Day - A Day To Cherish AddWeb's Strength!

AddWeb proudly being the company with more female employees than male, one day is never enough to appreciate what they do for us so, here we are making a small gesture for all the women in this world for whom 'Thank You' is a small word.

March 8th,2018

Republic day celebration - 1

Republic Of India - Respect, Today & Forever!

Every Republic day, we bow down to the Republic of India with all due respect and pledge to contribute positively to it’s worth with whatever little that we can do. And we stand by our words too!

January 26th,2018

Jaiselmer - Trip

Unwinding Amidst The Cool Winds Of Jaisalmer!

Amidst the sand dunes and folk tunes, we heard an unheard tale of history and grooved upon some happy beats of bonding!

January 8th,2018


Ho Ho Ho! It’s Xmas Time!

We don’t know about the jingle bells, but happy bells surely rang with chocolate boxes and wonderful surprise gifts!

December 25th,2017


The Hues Of Holi!

If you think Holi is no fun without water, come to witness the literally colourful celebration we have on every Holi!

March 12th,2017

Diwali - Celebration

Diyas, Divinity & Diwali!

Our festival of lights was celebrated with lots of camera clicks and fun-filled action. And of course, the spirit of colourful Rangoli. How about you?

October 17th,2017

Super Jigish Chauhan Years

Jigish Chauhan

Director of Drupal Practice

Super Pooja Years

Pooja Upadhyay

Director of People Operations and Client Relations

Super Ravi Maniyar Years

Ravi Maniyar

Director of Fullstack

Super Vidhi Gandhi Years

Vidhi Gandhi

Team Lead (Business Development)

Super Riddhi Years

Riddhi Dave

Team Lead (Quality Analyst)

Super Pranali Years

Pranali Kalavadia

Software Engineer (Drupal)

Super Dhrumil Years

Dhrumil Shah

Senior Software Engineer (Microsoft Technologies)

Super Hiren Years

Hiren Pipariya

Team Lead (MERN)


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